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                About Us
                Company Profile

                There are three Seekway companies:

                    Jiangmen Seekway Technology Limited (Founded in 2004)

                    Guangdong Seekway Technology Limited (Founded in 2009)

                    Shenzhen Seekway Innovations Technology Co., Ltd. (Founded in 2018)


                Provide R&D, design, manufacture, sales and engineering service all in one. Concentrate in:

                    Intelligent LED control system (Cloud Control, Network Control, Intelligent Control)

                    Innovative LED display (3D, Interaction, Innovation)

                    Premium brands commercial display


                    Base on independent innovation philosophy, now owned more than 40 invention patents and software copyrights. As the national high and new technology enterprise, it has over 200 employees wherein almost 80 of them are from R&D team. Furthermore, the modern factory and large R&D center were built up one after another; Wuxi branch, Shenzhen office and Zhongshan branch were established.