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                Innovative LED Product
                3D LED Brief


                ◆ 3D LED Cube Technology

                     Principle of 3D LED Display technique–organize the LED into a physical 3D matrix and control every single LED individually, in the way a real 3D image in the 3D space could be presented. As a professional company in the 3D LED Display field, we have obtained dozen kinds of Inventions, Utility Model Patents and Software Copyrights. 


                ◆ Real LED

                                360° visible.



                ◆ Fluent Animation

                      · Frame speed: 30frame/second



                ◆ High Clarity of 3D Effect

                      · The structure solves the problem of matrix construction, signal transmission and power by the minimal Sight-block.




                ◆ High-Resolution Realistic Animation

                      · The real 3D realistic character and animal video programming.  




                ◆ Grayscale

                      · Grayscale: 4096 scale with 68.7 billion kinds of color



                ◆ High Resolution and Large Size

                    · Voxel of the cube could be increased without limit, as well as the size and resolution.




                ◆ Plenty Solution

                     · qGrid, qTube, qBar, qBulb and qPillar solution are applicable to the various types of application. For example: Cubes in different shape, different size, different pitch, different installation environment and different installation way.




                ◆ Friendly Human-Computer Software Interface

                     · Besides the high-resolution realistic animation programmed by Seekway’s professional 3D animation design team, users can also self-create different kinds of 3D animation through  SEEKWAY editing software.