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                Innovative LED Product
                Custom Solutions



                ◆ qGrid Solution

                qGrid Solution, obtained the patent for invention, is composed of curtain shape modules. It has high 

                transparency and high resolution in showing realistic animation.

                Application: Indoor laying or hanging, and outdoor using in glass cover.




                ◆ qTube Solution

                The qTube is made up of small diameter diffuse scattering PC tube. It can be designed into 

                various shape and is easy to install and maintain.

                Application: Indoor laying or hanging, outdoor using by filling silicone in the PC tube.




                ◆ qBar Solution

                The qBar solution is composed of bar-shape PCB modules. It has high transparency 

                and is easy to install.

                Application: Indoor wall-mounted or laying, outdoor using in glass cover.




                ◆ qBulb Solution

                The qBulb Solution can be windproof and rainproof. It has high luminance and is easy to maintain.

                Application: Indoor or outdoor, the best solution for the huge Matrix 3D display.




                 qPillar Solution

                The structure of qPillar: 3-side LED/voxel. The frame resists impact & stress. The structure is stable.

                The structure of PC tube: It has various shape, good handiness and is easy to maintain. 

                Application: The best solution for huge outdoor Matrix display.