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                Innovative LED Product
                Interaction LED Brief


                LED Interactive Dance Floor 


                ◆ Product Size & Packing



                ◆ Installation

                Indoor usage

                · Connect the signal and power cables.

                · Fasten and lock 4pcs dance floor with one joint plate.



                 Underground usage

                · Dig the ground in advance, the Splitter, the SMPS and the cables can be hidden under the ground.

                · Border can be added around the floor. It is convenient to maintain.


                 Stage usage

                · Stage usage. Cables can be hidden inside the stage.



                ◆ Schematic Layout

                  Splitter and Ethernet PC control                                                 Intergrated and SD card control



                ◆ Software


                · Play mode

                · Interactive mode

                · Music mode

                · Adjustable volumn

                · Adjustable speed

                · Programmable layout 



                ◆ Functions

                 ●  Can Playe Video



                 ●  React with footstep induction to activate different patterns



                 ●  Video background can superpose with inductive pattern



                 ●  React with footstep induction to activate diverse sounds                             ●  Have the game of stomp-A-Mole



                ◆ Project Cases

                 ●  Indoor Application



                 ●  Outdoor Application

                · LED dance Floor uses special glue filling technology which is for long-term outdoor applications.



                 ●  Derived Application

                · LED Interactive Wall