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                Innovative LED Product
                SMT Processing


                ◆ SMT Processing

                  ·  Our R&D center and the factory is about 10000㎡, which possess advanced production and testing device, such as: Speed SMT Machine, Multi-function SMT Machine, Reflow Soldering, Automatic Printer, Automatic Board Sender, AOI, Solder Paste Printer, Intelligent Aging Machine, Glue-pouring Machine, Temp & Humi Programmable Chamber, etc. In additional, we also have different production lines for SMT, DIP, assembly and packing which can satisfy the needs of different processes. Our production technology has accumulated rich experience in production technology improvement, the products involve the field widely, mainly contain: 3D LED Display, high-resolution display screen and control module, LED control system, GPRS remote control mother board, DMX waterproof driver, LED soft strip, medical equipment, WIFI IOT (intelligent home application), optical-electro-mechanical and electronic health products, etc.


                ◆ Production Environment and Device


                ◆ Stable and Skilled Technical Worker Team


                ◆ SMT Processing Cases