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                Intelligent Control System
                Lighting Fixture Solution


                 Integration of DMX Driver and LED Panel

                  · Famous chips with stable and reliable quality.
                  · Optional chip protocols, support SW Protocol and international standard DMX512 Protocol.
                  · Apply to several control modes such as 3-wire parallel connection, 2-wire series connection, internal control and etc.
                  · Apply to multiple lighting fixtures such as LED digital tube, LED hard strip, LED pixel light, DMX washer light and etc. PCB drawing of standard lighting fixture will be provided free of charge..


                Control Chip Specifications


                Grey level:256 scales

                Speed:1T high speed MCU


                Working voltage:4.5V~5.5V

                Refresh rate:>200Hz

                Working temperature:-40°~+85°

                Chip packaging:DIP-16、SOP-16

                UART:Enhanced,supporting frame error detection,hardware address identification