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                Innovative LED Product
                · qPillar Solution


                qPillar Solution

                ——Solution for the huge outdoor 3D Display


                ◆ Brief 

                   · Installation method: Every diameter of 78mm thick Aluminum pillar that connected by the top, middle and bottom joint tray forms a solid structure of 3D Matrix.

                   · Voxel composing: 3pcs LED Pixel Light/voxel. 120°installation angle(around the three sides of the pillar) can make the true 3D effect be seen in different angel.


                ◆ qPillar Solution: By PC tube

                   · Several LEDs compose one voxel & PCB module is covered by Φ50mm PC tube to make a pillar. The LED pillar are jointed together to form a stable 3D Matrix.



                ◆ qPillar Solution: By Aluminum pillar

                   · 3-sides LED, stand from floor directly.