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                Innovative LED Product
                · Customized Function


                ◆ Customized Function for 3D Display

                  · We can have an integrated development of the control system to our 3D cube according to customer’s requirement, in order to realize a better human-machine interaction.


                ◆ Mobile Phone Interaction

                  ·  Use Seekway APP in Android system to edit message and send it to the GSM/WIFI controller, so that 3D cube can display the text. 

                  ·  GSM control: The remote control distance is in the range of GSM signal.

                  ·  Wifi control: The remote control distance can reach 25m without barrier.


                ◆ Audio Respond & Sound Active Mode

                  · When receiving music from the audio device, the controller can control T10 to display audio respond effect wirelessly.

                  · After receiving external sounds, the controller can control T10 to display sound active effect wirelessly.



                ◆ Kinect Mode

                  · Capture the human body movements and display it on the 3D LED cube by Kinect. 


                ◆ Interactive 3D Effect

                  · Touch the external interactive screen to produce different 3D animations.

                  · Case:  IDEAL  Jewellery  "Beating Heart ".


                ◆ Some standard product can be customized with additional functions.