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                Intelligent Control System
                Seekway RGB Player


                 Seekway LED Player

                · Seekway LED Player is computer software with copyright. The interface is easily used by user for animation creating, text editing, engineering setting and etc. Time control and mobile WiFi control are popular among customers.


                 Effect Editing

                  · A key to import multiple formats files like video, flash and picture. Intelligently convert to corresponding animation by the software.


                 · Screen capture upgrades on performance, different effects can be displayed on one screen.


                 · Personalized color and different modes help to achieve special and wonderful effects.


                 Text Editing

                  · Can display all kinds of text contents; select different fonts, sizes, directions, colors and backgrounds.


                 Time Control

                  · Set display contents optionally according to specific time, date, week, festival and holiday on time control list. Meet different requirements easily.


                 Project Encryption

                  · User can set password optionally, it supports 6 times locking and unlocking. Controllable degree of project will be improved.


                 Project Settings

                  · Visualized interface design and simple operation. After setting is complete, corresponding player software will be generated instantly.