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                Innovative LED Product
                3D LED Products

                Size: 130*122*135cm (LWH)
                Pixel composing: 2 pcs LED/pixel
                LED type: SMD5050, 3 in 1
                Pitch: 15cm (Actual), 7.5cm (Virtual)
                Pixels qty: 8*8*8+7*7*8=904
                Material of top frame: Stainless steel+Aluminum
                Material of tube cover: Polycarbonate
                Control Mode: SD Card control
                Installation environment: Indoors Hanging, none-waterproof
                Average power: 80W
                Max power: 400W
                N.W: 35KG
                G.W: 53KG
                Packing: Plywood case, compact disassembled
                Product Description

                SEEKWAY 3D LED CUBE: C08


                ◆ Product size






                ◆ Installation method

                     · Connect the Aluminum slot to the stainless steel frame.

                     · Insert the LED tubes to the aviation plug of the slot.






                ◆ Packing

                      · N.W: 35kg                                     · Plywood case: 134*38*40cm(LWH)

                      · G.W: 53kg




                ◆ Effect description

                      · More than 30 kinds of 3D animation have been programmed.

                      · English alphabet input, picture &  video record can be processed by the software.

                      · With the SD card controller, effect can display manually or automatically .






                ◆ Honor and certificate







                 ◆ Paymengt & Shipment

                      · We accept T/T, WESTERN UNION and HSBC.

                      · Goods can be shiped by DHL/ EMS/ TNT/ FedEx/ UPS or other special methods.

                      · We could arrange it for you if you have no preference on the express carrier.



                ◆ Video

                       [Download the video]